Monday, 27 January 2014

# 389 I wish I had magic powers

I really do, don't you? Right now I'd love to have the power to stop time so I could work, without interruptions, on some of the craft projects I have lined up for the library and which I'm very keen on trying.

A project I did manage to finish were the heart keyrings in the picture, they were made using scraps of fabric sewn together to form a new piece of fabric. This technique is described in this book and the author calls it the Lazy Crazy Patchwork.

The crazy patchwork was surprisingly quick to achieve once I'd managed to gain access to the box of fabrics I have hidden behind the sofa and had spent a good half hour or more just rummaging through its contents to gather as many fabric leftovers as possible.

The resulting new "fabric" was then cut into hearts which were sewn onto denim (I used a pair of old jeans the husband doesn't wear anymore).

If you could have a magic power what would it be?