Monday, 10 June 2013

# 357 Yellow and green

It took only a few warm, sun filled days to make the surrounding countryside look lush and green although the predominant colour seems to be bright yellow from the many rapeseed fields and the beautiful wild meadows filled with clumps of buttercups, lots and lots of them.

I've been making an effort to go for a walk everyday as I think there's so much beauty around us begging to be noticed and appreciated. Besides what could be better than a relaxing walk along quiet country lanes.

On a recent walk I saw this fellow in the stream, I think it's a heron but I'm not sure and would love to know if anyone can help. He seemed to be fishing but not very successfully.

Recently we also had some visitors to our small garden. A few years ago A. and his dad built a birdhouse which has since been hanging at the end of the garden. It has been occupied in successive years by birds but we never managed to see them although we could hear the little ones inside crying for food. Last week we saw one of the parents and 3 young birds, they were still in the learning to fly stage so didn't even move when we walked past. 2 of them were sort of hidden in the grass but this one was perched on the flower pot.

The parent seen in the picture above was flying around keeping watch and got very nervous when I went outside to scatter a few bread crumbs and to try and get a few close up photos. I checked in a book and think this is a Great Tit, could anyone please confirm this?