Monday, 6 May 2013

# 347 April photo scavenger hunt

I'm joining in again with the photo scavenger hunt hosted by Greenthumb from Made With Love. To take part or simply to see what others have come up with for the clues given please click on the link to Greenthumb's blog.

Sign for free range eggs at a local farm.

Bristol stoneware pot

Plastic building blocks donated to the library. I brought them home to give them a good clean before putting them out for the children to play.

I love cooking so tend to collect lots of recipes that I cut out from magazines.  Most of the books shown were bought for a £1 or less and 2 of them were giveaways.

Map of the small rural town where I live. As you can see it's called Berkeley pronounced "barklee".

Lovely, curly petals.

Aren't these pretty?

Photo taken last Summer while on holiday in Portugal. Not sure what this sport is called.

Airplane models at the House Museum in Bristol.

I love dry stone walls especially when they have moss and other vegetation growing on them.

Photo taken at Dyrham Park on our last visit a week or so ago.

Beef hot pot for dinner. Recipe to be posted soon.