Thursday, 28 February 2013

# 330 Two completely unrelated bits of news

Today we had another eventful morning here in Berkeley with 2 more boilers removed from the Power Station to be taken all the way to a processing plant in Sweden.

We're lucky that we live some distance from the main street and so these movements don't cause us any problems but not so for the people living along the route of the boilers. Because these are so big some of the overhead cables have to be removed for them to pass which means no electricity, and possibly no phone, for an hour or so everytime they go through the town.

If you're interested there's a few more photos on my Flickr here and I also found an interesting video online on the Magnox website, just click on the link on the site.

Now for the other bit of news. In the post today I received this book sent to me for free because I provided them with a few balls of T-shirt yarn as seen on page 29.

They were kind enough to mention my name and my other blog and I must say I'm chuffed to bits to see my name in print albeit in a very small way.

The sun is coming out just now, which has further cheered me up no end.