Monday, 4 February 2013

# 320 January photo scavenger hunt

The new photo scavenger hunt is now being hosted by Greenthumb, the lovely lady that writes Made with love.  If you'd like to join in the fun please check her blog for more information.

I'm missing 1 photo for this month's challenge but I decided to post the 11 I've got before I end up forgetting; some photos are more recent than others as we haven't been out much for one reason or another.

Not sure what the object in the picture is, the photo was taken at the House Museum in Bristol and it's its number that fits one of the clues for this scavenger hunt.

Photo taken last Summer in Portugal on a very hot day.

A perfectly blue Autumn sky.

View from Coaley Peak in Gloucestershire.

A. in a puddle trying to move the thin layer of ice over the side.

Door at Upton House, a National Trust property.

Onions, lots and lots of them at Hanbury Hall another NT property.

Lunch time at a local farm.

Photo taken during a walk in  Woodchester Park.

Photo taken here in Berkeley during the floods. Although the road was closed some drivers did risk driving through all that water.

Statue at Croome Landscape Park, a National Trust property.