Monday, 12 November 2012

# 292 Sunday walk

Yesterday was a lovely, bright day and so after lunch we put our wellies on and went for a walk. Some of you might've already guessed where we went and if you said deer park you'd be right.

In parts the ground was very wet which also made it very muddy and slippery.

Gate to the field that leads up to the entrance of the park.

The deer park is part of the Berkeley Estate and it's considered to be "one of the best examples of a mediaeval deer park in the country."

Park House or Folly built in 1753.

Apparently, in 1574 Queen Elizabeth I visited Berkeley and stayed at the castle for a few days in the absence of Lord Berkeley. It's said that she loved hunting and as at the time there were deer right next to the castle she went and killed 27 stags in one day. This left Lord Berkeley furious and so he decided to move the deer park to its present location.

Heading home

Hope you have a good start to the week.