Wednesday, 15 August 2012

# 253 A trip down memory lane

A surprise arrived in the mail today for A., the Collector's Edition of The Famous Five, the original TV series of the 70s.  We pre-ordered it last month from Amazon and it arrived today, A. has already watched Disc 1 and is now on Disc 2 and loving it.

The Famous Five was one of my favourite TV series and the books were read again and again.  My love of reading began with one of Enid Blyton's books from the Malory Towers series, a birthday gift from a favourite aunt.  From then on me, my sister and a boy we used to play with would save any money we were given to buy more books which we would then swap amongst us. I still have my well thumbed Famous Five books somewhere.

When A. started reading on his own he started with The Famous Five adventures too. Just like me he prefers to read about the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy than those of the Secret Seven!

As a child what were your favourite books and TV series?