Tuesday, 14 August 2012

# 252 Weekend outing: Dudmaston Estate

Dudmaston Hall is a National Trust property in Shropshire which is still lived in by a branch of the original family.

We visited it last Sunday and the drive there was done under very heavy rain, I did check the weather before we left and it seemed fine for the next few hours but a few minutes into the trip the skies opened up and it rained, and rained and rained! Fortunately the rain stopped and the sun came out just as we were arriving and it remained dry and sunny for the rest of the afternoon.

Dudmaston is a large estate with a lake, a big garden, a large house of course, woodlands and a farm.

This time though we didn't explore any of the paths because cattle was grazing and A. was a little scared of walking so near the cows.

As I said, this is still a family home which means that unfortynately photograhpy was not allowed inside.