Wednesday, 6 June 2012

# 223 Jubilee weekend

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend despite the change in the weather. Ours was cut short because the husband, who was meant to have yesterday off as well as Monday, suddenly had to go to work.

On Sunday we revisited Dunster Castle in Somerset, there's a lot to see inside but the rooms were so crowded that we could only take a quick peek at each one before being pushed to move on to the next. Not really how I like to visit this kind of places, I like to take my time looking around. After the quickest tour ever, we strolled in the gardens and watched the Taunton Garrison in action.

Swording demonstration by the Taunton Garrison.

On Monday we visited Avebury Manor, we'd been there a couple of years ago and at the time the house was empty. Last year renovation work was carried out in the house and in the garden, you might have watched the BBC programme about it. We really enjoyed our visit to Avebury, especially the house. There are no rope barriers, you can touch everything (except for the handpainted wallpaper), open drawers, pick up objects for closer inspection, have a go at embroidery and even try the beds!

In the garden we found many interesting sculptures and outdoor furniture which will be on display until June 10th. You can find more information on the National Trust website.

Then we went for a walk around the Stone Circle, this a World Heritage Site and it's considered the oldest stone circle in the world.

Now this was my favourite object in the house, can you guess what it is? The instructions on the lid might give you a clue!

Did you say a bread maker? If so you're right, there's obviously a part missing which should go in the hole on the lid.

I have a Flickr page where I post pictures taken at the places we visit, you cand find it here if you'd like to have a look.