Sunday, 3 June 2012

# 222 May photo scavenger hunt

The Photo Scavenger Hunt is a challenge hosted by Kathy from Postcards from the PP.  To take part or to see what others have come up with for each month's challenge please click on the link.

Here are my photos for May, there are one or two archive photos but all the others were taken with this challenge in mind.

Berkeley Power Station
One of my favourite drinks is tea, this photo was taken in the Kitchen at Upton House.

You probably need to click on this picture to be able to see it but there's a baby rabbit hidden in the grass. Can you see it?

Front page of this month's issue of the Berkeley Flyer.
A selection of teas and a treat for a friend.

Small packages I made using templates.

We keep all 1 and 2p coins in a jar and when it's full it goes into our son's savings account.
Wild garlic, Woodchester Park. This photo was taken last year and it seemed the whole park was covered in wild garlic and the smell was so intense.

Nine windows at Snowshill Manor.
Not very obvious this one, taken at Croome Park.

Rapeseed flower.