Sunday, 13 May 2012

# 210 Weekend outing: Charlecote Park

Charlecote Park is a National Trust property on the banks of the River Avon and only a few miles from Stratford-Upon-Avon. The present house was begun by Sir Thomas Lucy in the mid 16th century. It's said that Shakespeare was caught poaching here and taken before Sir Thomas Lucy and Queen Elizabeth I spent 2 nights here in 1572.

This is where we went today to make the most of the good weather, it's been horrible with lots of rain and wind, etc. but yesterday and today were sunny and warm just perfect for a day out which included a picnic.

The gatehouse.
The house.
Bridge leading on to the deer park, unfortunately this part of the park was not yet open to the public.
In the mid 18th century the course of the River Hele (now the Dene) was altered so that it cascaded into the Avon within sight of the house.
Swinger I, by sculptor Stephen Charlton.
Swinger II, by sculptor Stephen Charlton.
Rapeseed field on the way home.