Thursday, 3 May 2012

# 207 April photo scavenger hunt

Thanks once again to Kathy for hosting this challenge on her blog. Why don't you grab yourself a hot drink, sit back and have a look at what others have come up with.

For one reason or another we haven't been out much (or not at all to be more precise) so photo opportunites have been scarce. Fortunately when we do go out I always take lots of photos so there's bound to be a few that fit Kathy's list. The only photo taken on purpose for this challenge is the kitchen timer one.

Here is my selection of photos.

Delicious cinnamon rock cakes, it's been a while since I baked these. I think I need to go and look for the recipe.

Chipping Campden Market Hall
Beautiful blossom
Rapeseed field. I love it when the countryside around us turns this vibrant yellow.
Exploring new public footpaths.
Cake is one of my favourite things.
Stained glass windows in the church at Tyntesfield.
On the move in Wales. Beautiful, beautiful scenery, I'd love to go again.
A. taking a picture of me taking a picture of him at the Courts Garden.
Sticky mud after a short walk on a nearby wood.
Tangle of tree branches.
My 4-in-1 timer. I use it everyday to remind me of things I need to do.



  1. Lovely photos Paula, I really need to get back in the swing of this one as I have failed miserably these past few months.

  2. Lovely set of photos Paula, I liked the Can't live without, Smile and Amazing.

  3. Great photos, the blossom is gorgeous!

  4. Great group of photos, I enjoyed your rock cakes and spring.

  5. A great set of photos - good thinking for 'rock', I haven't seen anyone else use cakes!

  6. The cinnamon rock cakes look mouth watering and I love the tangle of branches!

  7. Great In/Out

  8. Super photos! They are all wonderful but I especially like in/out, spring, multi-coloured and tangle:)

  9. I think I do the same as you. I take so many photos that there are bound to be some that fit the list!
    I like the rock buns and indulgence best.....but I would!

  10. Wonderful set of photos, your chocolate cake looks amazing and also like your smile photo.