Friday, 13 April 2012

# 201 Epi bread

"Epi bread is a type of artisan bread often made at French-style bakeries. The bread is a popular picnicking bread since it consists of a series of rolls which are interconnected to look like a stalk of wheat. As diners need chunks of bread, they can pull rolls off without making a mess of the loaf."

From WiseGEEK

Here's my attempt at making Epi bread, I used my regular bread dough recipe which is kneaded in the bread machine and then just shaped it and baked in the oven.

I'm quite happy with the result, this bread was such a big success that it's all gone.

There's lots of information, tips, recipes and techniques available on the Web to make this type of bread, just type "Epi bread" in your search box and have fun baking :-)


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  1. Come to Germany, open your own bakery and make a small fortune, litterally overnight. I promise you that! Gosh, I've eatten so much bread over the past week, I feel like a roll.

    I know a guy in London who bakes his own bread. He is quite the clever man.