Monday, 19 March 2012

# 193 Abnormal loads passing through Berkeley

Berkeley Power Station was the UK's first commercial nuclear power station, it was built in the late 50s, commissioned in the early 60s and finally decommissioned in 1988/1989.

Last Friday the 1st of five boilers was removed from the power station and transported to Sharpness docks, from there the boilers will be taken by boat to Sweden for recycling. According to a local publication, the Berkeley Flyer, each boiler is 22 metres long and weighs over 300 tonnes. The logistics involved in moving these boilers is amazing with some street signs and over head cables having to be removed and even some tree branches had to be prunned. There were also some traffic restrictions put in place.

By chance I witnessed some of the action today and fortunately I had the camera with me.

Getting ready for another load.

Here it comes, another huge boiler.

The second boiler of the day.

Berkeley Power Station.



  1. I would have loved to have seen that! My husband was also really interested in your post as he has done some systems work on our local power station so is always interested to read stuff like this. A few years ago they demolished a couple of the cooling towers at the power station and as we live on a hill we got to see the controlled demolition from a fantastic vantage point! It was really fascinating to see such a huge tower crumble like paper right in front of your eyes in literally seconds!

    1. There will be 2 more being moved on Thursday if you're not too far, starting from 10am.

  2. Gosh - that's impressive in a kind of scary way ...

  3. Wow! I'm sure your photos don't give your readers the real picture of just how enormous these boilers really are.