Friday, 10 February 2012

# 180 Fridays recipes: Mini sausage rolls

 I make these often for A. to take to school in his packed lunch, he loves sausages and these mini rolls are so easy to eat, they're gone in 2 bites and he doesn't have to worry about using both hands to hold them so the sausage inside doesn't somehow escape!

This is not my recipe but Lorraine Pascale's, she presented it the other day on her TV programme Baking Made Easy. You can read her recipe by clicking here.

Easy as these are to make I simplified mine even further even though I pre cook them for a few minutes until golden on all sides. I do this by not adding any further seasoning to them or herbs as Lorraine does (no need really as the sausages are already well seasoned) and I put them straight in the oven as soon as they're all rolled out and brushed with beaten egg.

Enjoy :-)