Monday, 30 January 2012

# 176 Of books and libraries

I've finally finished the book I was reading, I'm ashamed to say it took me a whole month to do it but I read it from beginning to end and, not to loose momentum, I've begun a new book, this one.

I've always been a library goer and nowadays that's where I get most of my reading books from. There's a small public library here in Berkeley, only a 5-minute walk from my house but unfortunately it's one of the many small public libraries that will be closing down very soon due to budget cuts. The good news is that a group of people got together and everything seems set so the library is run as a community library by volunteers.

Anyway, all this to say if there's a public library near you please visit it as often as you can and borrow a book or 2 once a while, this will help increase numbers and maybe help garantee its future.

What are you reading at the moment?


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  1. I am always fighting with this subject. Why? The little time I have to spare I have to choose whether I watch my favourite Tv program , knitting, drawing or reading! I have in my hands a book that I bought for my Political science subject in the university (1995)The Wrath of Nations, by William Pfaff. I read that in Spanish and I loved it! When I moved to this country I lost it and now I bought it again in Englsih. I fancy a date with it one of this nights :P