Wednesday, 11 January 2012

# 169 Resolutions for 2012

So far so good! I made a mental list of the things I want to achieve this year and it's going well, whether it stays that way we shall see.

This year I want to spend less time online and more time doing/making things and generally being more active, this includes walking more (weather permitting), exercing more (on the Wii, I'm not a gym person!), being a little more house proud, reading more and being better organized. I've been managing this with the help of lists, every evening I'll write a list of the chores for the following day and then work my way down the list. Any chores that haven't been done that day will top the list for next day until they are eventually completed.

So far this is working, I'm managing to get a lot more done than I used to and I feel more on top of things which is great. Fingers crossed I'll keep on track.

Have you made any resolutions for 2012?