Saturday, 3 December 2011

# 156 November photo scavenger hunt

The challenge set by Kathy from Postcards from the PP for this month's scavenger hunt was tough and so most of the pictures below are "library" pictures, that's to say I went through my many photos to find the ones that fit the theme. In my defence I have to say they were taken by me, except for the self-portrait one, so it's really not cheating, is it?!

So here they are, I'm 2 pictures short as I couldn't come up with anything for Polka dots and Lucky charm. You can see what others have captured with their cameras here.

Memorial at Stourhead.

A purple scarf made to be given away as a Christmas present.

Staircase at Shugborough House

Pretty silhouette in one of the rooms at Hughenden Manor.

Poppy wreath at Stourhead.

Christmas garland I made last year with old cards and joined together with a crochet chain (tutorial).

This is one of the blankets I made earlier this year, it's been keeping me warm in the evenings while watching TV and working on other crochet projects.

One of our favourite meals (recipe here).