Tuesday, 8 November 2011

# 146 Making Winter: cozy crochet slippers

Whether you love Winter or really don't like it at all and prefer Summer you might want to check out the Making Winter challenge set out by Emma from Silverpebble and her friend Mrs ThriftyHousehold.

Me, I've always prefered Winter to Summer because where I come from Summers are always very hot and I don't cope well with all that heat. For me Winter is all about wrapping up so you feel nice and warm, it's about being cozy, eating delicious food that is piping hot, drinking lots of tea with homemade biscuits, going for walks and look out for any hint of colour amongst the grey and so much more.

In the spirit of coziness I've been making woolly crochet slippers for myself and to give away as gifts to family and friends. I'm using 100% wool and leftover wool blends from previous projects. I'm really happy with these, they're comfy and have been doing a great job keeping my feet warm.

What about you. Do you love or hate Winter?