Wednesday, 19 October 2011

# 137 The BMM (Bread Making Machine) challenge: Sweet brioche buns

I love my breadmaking machine, I've had it for nearly 2 years now and  have not bought bread from the shop since. However, I realised that during this time I've not been very creative in the bread making department and I want to change that, I want to try different breads and with the machine doing most of the hard work there really is no reason or excuse  not to.

So from now on I'll posting recipes for breads, buns, baps, rolls, etc. both sweet and savoury and aimed at bread machines. I'm starting off with a favourite of ours, sweet brioche buns. These are perfect to take on a picnic filled with cured ham, cheese or bacon or eaten warm with butter and jam for Sunday tea.

Egg glazed brioche buns.

Sweet brioche buns

1 tabespoon fast action yeast
250g strong white flour
3 tablespoons sugar (I've used caster sugar, demerara sugar, honey or golden syrup)
Sprinkle of cinnamon or mixed spice
75g butter
Pinch of salt (sometimes I leave it out)
2 eggs + 1 for glazing (optional)
2 tablespoons milk (on occasion I've replaced the milk with buttermilk or natural yogurt)

Place all of the above ingredients in the bread pan following the order recommended by the manufacturer of your bread machine. Select the Basic Dough programme (2h 20mins in mine).

When the cycle is complete tip the dough out of the bread pan onto a lightly floured surface and cut small portions of the dough to roll into little balls. Place these on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and allow to prove until doubled in size or for about 20 to 30 minutes. What I do at this stage is turn my oven on to the slow cook setting and place the tray with my brioche buns in the grill compartment which is above the oven. Alternatively you can boil some water, pour it into a bowl and place the tray on top covered with clingfilm or a tea towel.

Once the buns have risen glaze with the beaten egg if you want and bake at 190 ºC/gas mark 5 until golden brown. In my oven this usually takes about 20 minutes.

Brioche buns without any glazing.

Enjoy :-)