Monday, 10 October 2011

# 133 Keeping things in perspective

Last Saturday afternoon a woman lost control of her car and crashed into us, we saw her coming straight at us but there was nothing we could do to avoid it. Fortunately no one was hurt not even a tiny scratch and in the end all it comes down to is crushed metal.

Although we managed to drive our car home it's not roadworthy and so now we have no car. I'm staying in all day today waiting for the insurance company to call me to get the ball rolling. Despite all the upset this is causing I'm trying to keep things in perspective because after all it could've been worse, a lot worse.

I found this online earlier today and it's helping me deal with my anxiety and to keep calm about the whole thing.

"A sense of perspective is vital to keeping sane and avoid small problems that can unnecessarily overwhelm us."

"Sometimes we can get worked up about problems that are very insignificant."

"Concentrate on good things, try to ignore the problem/issue completely and throw yourself into something different. If we can absorb ourselves in another task then we give time to ignore the problem. Later we realise that what seemed like a big problem is now less problematic."

You can find the whole article here.