Wednesday, 28 September 2011

# 128 This n' That

Wow, can you believe this weather? The thermometer in our car read 24º C ealier this afternoon, there's the bluest of blue skies, no clouds (believe it or not) and a lovely warm sunshine. I can't help feeling this is the Summer we should've had and apparently, if the weather forecast on the BBC website is anything to go by, it's going to last for a few weeks well into October. Brilliant :-)

When the weather's like this I always try to fit in some walking time in between cooking, cleaning, tidying, baking and constantly reminding my son of the homework he needs to do. Not only that but I actually need to be sat next to him to make sure it gets done!

By the way, I almost forgot to show you what I received for my birthday.

2 books I wanted,

and a table cloth my mum bought back in July when the 2 of us went shopping, she then added the pretty crochet edging. Isn't it beautiful?

Below are a few photos taken while walking sometime last week.

This probably happened due to the very strong winds we had a couple of weeks ago.

A. spotted this giant mushroom among the grass, the biggest I ever saw.