Tuesday, 20 September 2011

# 126 Craft stuff

My crochet hooks and knitting needles have been seeing quite a lot of action lately, no sooner a project is finished another is begun and I have a few more planned that I want to make soon, preferably before Christmas!

Today I want to show a scarf and a bunting, one knitted the other crocheted, one for myself the other for my beautiful 4-year old niece Mariana, one in pretty bright colours the other in beautiful dark tones.

Here they are (insert drumroll here)!

My pompom scarf and...

...Mariana's crochet bunting.

The scarf was knitted with leftover wool from 2 previous projects, the Eva's shawl I made for my mum and the keyhole scarf for myself (both posted here). The bunting was crocheted with cotton bought while on holiday.

I love them both, I can't wait to start wearing my fun scarf (I love the pompoms) and I wish I could see my niece's face when she receives her bunting.