Wednesday, 10 August 2011

# 103 Pinterest and a couple of revamped T-shirts

Most of the time I've been spending online lately has been on Pinterest, I just love this site. If you haven't heard of Pinterest check it out, it's well worth it.

What Pinterest is is this very cool tool that allows you to create boards where you then "pin" all those images you find on the web and which you really like and want to keep. It's like when see something in a magazine, for instance, and cut it out for future reference whether it's a recipe, a crafty pattern, an inspirational quote, etc. And the best thing is you'll always know where you got it from as the image pinned will link to the original site or blog. Brilliant!

Inspired by some of the lovely images of revamped T-shirts on Pinterest I thought I'd have a go at customizing 2 of the T-shirts I was planning on taking on holiday and because this was done the day before leaving I chose something quick and easy.

These are the 2 plain T-shirts I revamped. On one I used a heart shape from fabric I've had for a long time and on the other a crochet flower made from a chart in a crochet magazine. You can see the chart here.

I think I might revamp a few other items in my wardrobe. What about you? Have you revamped any of your clothes? What and how?