Monday, 18 July 2011

# 99 Postcard from Pembrokeshire

 On the list of things the children had to pack for their residential visit to Stackpole was a 1st class stamp.

A postcard from A. arrived on Friday, the same day the children made the journey back home.

They arrived tired but happy having thoroughly enjoyed their stay.

Meanwhile today they're back at school for their last week before the Summer holidays. There's still a few events before next Friday: Sports Day, Leavers Assembly and Leavers Disco and then it's goodbye primary school and hello secondary school in September.

This will be a whole new chapter in our lives as many things will change. A. will be going to school and coming back home on the bus, our timings will also be a little different as he'll need to leave home earlier in the morning and will be arriving later in the afternoon.

He's very excited about going to a new and much bigger school and so are we but it also feels a little scary, our boy is growing up way too fast!