Monday, 11 July 2011

# 96 Residential visit to Stackpole

If everything has gone according to plan, A. and the whole of his class (apart from 1 child who didn't go) should be arriving at Stackpole round about now - it's nearly 1 pm. They will be staying until Friday after lunch when they get on the coach for the 4 hour journey back home.

A. is our only child and my routine is usually set around him, getting his lunch box ready every morning for him to take to school, collecting him in the afternoon and taking him swimming in the school pool. Reminding him countless times to have his shower before dinner, to brush his teeth before going to bed, to make sure his clothes are ready for next morning, etc. You know the drill.

So today feels a little strange, and I know tomorrow will be even more so but I'm also excited for him because I know he'll have such a great time and enjoy every minute of it. Can't wait for Friday though and to hear of all his adventures.