Tuesday, 5 July 2011

# 93 Just another manic week

With the end of the school year fast approaching things are getting a little hectic here.

I'm looking at the July page on the calendar and it's hard to find an empty space due to the number of school related events, a lot has been crammed into these last few weeks. Here's a few in no particular order.

- Spanish & Music afternoon
- Parent's evening on the 7th and Introductory Day on the 8th at the secondary school A. will be attending from September
- Summer Fair
- Residential visit to Stackpole (Y6 children will be staying for 5 days)
- Pool party
- Swimming gala for years 5 & 6
- Sports day
- Leavers assembly on the last day of school (July 22nd)
- Leavers Disco (this one was not organized by the school but by 2 of the mums who have children in Y6)

And finally school is over for the Summer.