Monday, 13 June 2011

# 83 Miss Marple came to Berkeley

Yesterday was a wet, windy and cold day. It poured down, steadily, all day long.

After a busy morning in the kitchen the result of which was a yummy chocolate cake, a pot of spinach soup, a roast chicken with chips and peas for lunch and a few puff pastry sausage rolls for A. to take to school, I finally sat down to do some crochet while watching a Miss Marple DVD with Joan Hickson as the spinster detective. Of all the Miss Marples she's my absolute favourite. What's yours?

Anyway I was watching the episode called Nemesis and imagine my surprise when I see Berkeley Castle  playing the part of "Kingminster Castle" where Elizabeth Temple is murdered, although the library where it happens is not at Berkeley Castle.

In case you're wondering, I live very near Berkeley Castle. In fact sometime ago I was a volunteer there doing guided tours of the place so it was interesting to see it on a Miss Marple episode!

Crochet wise I made a few more rows on my blanket and have began another shawl as you can see below. I really love these 3 colours together.

How was your weekend?