Wednesday, 25 May 2011

# 76 In my garden

I'm a little disappointed with the result of my efforts to grow some vegetables and herbs for our own use.

Only the peas seem to be doing well, I expected to be having lovely lettuce salads by now but they seem to be taking forever, the tomatoes didn't grow at all and the same goes for the herbs which were sown from seed :-(

But I'm not giving up just yet, I spent sometime on Sunday filling some containers (meat tubs, plastic bottles, etc.) with soil and plating some lettuces, land cress, basil and rocket. I now have these on my kitchen windowsill to see if they do better inside then they did outside.

One idea I had for some of the pots outside was to cut a couple of fizzy drinks bottles in half and use them as cloches. I'm hoping this will protect them from the cold nights and also from the slugs and snails. let's see if it works!