Thursday, 19 May 2011

# 74 Recycling plastic tubs into pretty storage containers

For the last few weeks I've been tidying up and sorting out stuff: clothes, toiletries, cleaning products, contents of the kitchen cupboards, etc. and I realised that this would be a much easier task if like products were kept together in some sort of container.

I've already shown you some of the storage solutions I'm using in this post here but I need more without having to spend money so the solution was to recycle a few plastic fruit punnets, icre-cream and meat tubs, etc.

Also as I still have a lot of leftover yarn I thought it would be a good idea to beautify the tubs a little bit and this is the result.

This is a great way of using at least some of that packaging we all bring home after a trip to the supermarket and best of all is it costs nothing.

If you'd like to see the tutorial please click here to be taken to my crafty blog.