Wednesday, 11 May 2011

# 71 Spring cleaning: storage solutions

My Spring cleaning continues and despite the distractions I think I'm making good progress.

The kitchen, although small, is being done in stages because some things are too heavy for me to move on my own so I need to wait until help is available. But the cupboards have been cleaned both inside and out and their contents sorted.

One of the things I did was rearrange some of the items in the cupboards so they are easier to find and reach, I'm using all sorts of baskets, containers and tins to keep like products together and contained in terms of the space they take.

Basket for storing all the lids for the food containers.

Plastic basket holding all the spices.

I also made a very easy kitchen organizer to make use of the space behind the kitchen door. This is where I now keep the roll of kitchen towels, the greaseproof paper, the aluminium foil, the cling film and the freezer bags.

I posted a little tutorial for this kitchen organizer on my other blog, to see it please just click here.