Thursday, 5 May 2011

# 68 Spring cleaning: organizing the wardrobes

With A. back to school after 3 weeks off and with the house all to myself again it's time to start my Spring cleaning.

The first thing to tackle was the wardrobe in our bedroom. I took everything out and made 2 piles, one for the clothes we wear and one for the clothes we haven't worn for a year or more or that are no longer in good condition. These were then sorted into 2 plastic bags, one to donate to the charity shop and the other for the bin but not before removing all the bits I can still use such as buttons, zippers, etc.

Here's a good tip, when sorting out your wardrobe make sure the hooks on the hangers are all facing in as this makes it so much easier to get stuff in and out.

While in the bedroom I also got all the storage boxes from under the bed and had a good clear out. Again things we no longer need, use or want were donated if in good condition and those that were not were disposed of.

Do you have any good Spring cleaning tips you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them :-)