Sunday, 1 May 2011

# 66 The colours of Spring

It seems to me that as I get older I notice things I didn't before or maybe that's because when you've lived in a city all your life like I have they are much harder to spot or come across.

I'm amazed by and delighted with the display of colour in the surrounding countryside. It just looks so beautiful and the colours so intense, almost like something out of a magazine.

Last Friday we went for a walk in Woodchester Park. We've walked there many times before but this was the 1st time we went from one end of the park to the other and then back again and it was amazing to see the ground covered by wild garlic. It was almost like it had snowed.

And then, among all the white there patches of bluebells. So, so beautiful.

We also caught sight of several little rabbits hopping about the woods and I managed to get a few shots of this cute bunny standing by a timber stack.

Then on the way home N. made a detour to show us some rapeseed fields he sees everyday on the way to work. Just look at that bright yellow.

Hope you enjoy the remaining of your Sunday and if you're in the UK have a great Bank Holiday tomorrow :-)