Monday, 28 March 2011

# 53 Weekend outing to Castle Drogo

I like Sundays because usually this is the only day we get to spend together as a family doing whatever we want.

This last Sunday we drove down to Devon to visit Castle Drogo which strangely for a castle is barely a 100 years old! Its construction began in 1910 and only finished 20 years later because of the First Wold War, so this is effectively the last castle to have been built in England.

Castle Drogo is on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park, above the gorge of the River Teign. We followed one of the public footpaths all the way down to the valley and then walked back up along the river.

A. had a great time exploring, collecting all sorts of sticks and stones along the way. It was a fantastic day out which we enjoyed very much. We're planning to go back there in a few months time to explore a little more.

Castle Drogo in Devon.

The walls are made from granite.


Pressure cooker.

Knife cleaner.

Hunters Path going down to the River Teign.

River Teign, beginning of the Fisherman's Path leading back up to the castle.

Dartmoor National Park.