Friday, 4 March 2011

# 44 The waiting game

I turned the page on my calendar today and 3 dates caught my eye, can you guess which ones?

If you said March 8th (Shrove Tuesday), 20th (First Day of Spring) and 27th (British Summer Time Begins) you're absolutely right.

A. is eagerly looking forward to Pancake Day, you'd think that's the only day of the year in which he has pancakes!

Personally, although I love pancakes, I'm really looking forward to March 20th and 27th. I can't wait for warmer, sunnier days with blue skies up above and flowers bursting into colour everywhere. I also love it when the hour changes at this time of the year, I like the longer days when we can go to the park after school or for a walk just before dinner and there's still plenty of daylight hours left.

Meanwhile, I have to wait and hope that Winter will make way for Spring very soon. It's still very cold and grey most days although this afternoon the sun came out and is now shining in a very blue sky.

Beautiful snowdrops.

Daffs are on the way.