Wednesday, 23 February 2011

# 41 Treasure

A couple of weeks ago we set off on a long walk to the Deer Park, this time however instead of following the usual path we decided to explore a part of the park we'd never been to before and I'm glad we did because the view was just amazing.

Even better was the fact that A. found part of a deer's antler, he was so chuffed with it. He says it's his treasure and keeps it in his "explorer" rucksack as a souvenir :-)

We've since been up there again to try and find another antler as A. found out they are shed between December and February but no luck. We're planning another antler finding expedition for next Friday, weather permitting.

Part of a deer antler.

View from the Deer Park towards the River Severn.

Can you see the deer grazing?

Deer Park in Ham, near Berkeley.