Monday, 8 November 2010

# 14 From Slimbridge to Sharpness

We went for a walk yesterday, a very long walk along the canal between Slimbridge and Sharpness docks.

According to my pedometer we did about 9 miles in total but boy was it worth it. There were some burts of sunshine which unfortunately didn't last for very long but it didn't rain either which was good.

This is a nice flat walk with plenty to see and one which we'll be doing again in the future.

As always I took some pictures and here they are.

One of the 3 swans in the canal.

I liked the bright colours on this watering can.

Purton Bridge

Ships graveyard on the River Severn to help protect the river banks against erosion.

A. taking pictures. His rucksack is full of gadgets: a compass, torch, binoculars, etc.

The water was so still, it was almost like a mirror.

Remains of the Severn Railway Bridge.

Boats at Sharpness Marine.

View from Sharpness towards Slimbridge.

View from Sharpness towards Thornbury.